Can hair extensions make you look younger and thinner? Well yes, yes they can. While hair extensions can’t actually reverse your age or help you shed a few pounds, they can certainly make it look like you have.

Look Thinner

Hair extensions add volume, which can visually balance out wide areas on your body.

Most people are familiar with the concept of “dressing for your body type”, this employs the basic principle of highlighting areas of your body that make you feel the most confident while camouflaging areas that don’t. For example; fashion experts might recommend that you choose a wide leg or boot cut pant style to balance out a wide hip area, hair extensions can have the same effect. In general, your body will naturally look smaller against a backdrop of a full thick head of hair. Make sure your hairstylist is also choosing a cut that compliments your face shape for maximum thinning effect.

Look Younger

When we ask people what “youth” looks like, they tend to give a description that sounds a lot like what “health” looks like. Naturally, we are at the peak of health when we are young and vibrant, and one of the clear indicators of youth and health is a long, shiny, bouncy, full head of hair. One in four women experiences some kind of hair loss as they age. For most women, this means that they don’t have as much hair as they once did, or that keeping their hair full of shine and volume is a losing battle. Adding hair extensions is a way to instantly add length, shine, and fullness giving your hair an instant age-reversing effect. Most people interested in anti-aging products focus heavily on skin care and makeup, hair extensions are like the anti-aging treatment for your tresses.

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