The busiest season of the year is almost here, so we know prepping for it is on your mind. To help, we officially opened the doors to our new BTC STUDIOS here in Chicago this week and invited @annette_updo_artist to demo three holiday how-tos. We also spotted one big trend taking over our Insta feeds: dramatic dimension! So we grabbed the formula and steps for a super dimensional color correction we know you’ll love. 

Watch the How To Guide Here! 

HOW-TO: Holiday Upstyles (Braids, Fishtails and Messy Buns)

HOW-TO: Holiday Upstyles (Braids, Fishtails and Messy Buns) w/ @annette_updo_artist at the NEW BTC Studios in Chicago! Buy the CURLBAR now for $89.99 and receive a FREE BLOW DRYER! Buy Here:!

Posted by on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Looks

1. A textured half-up style with accent braids, which can easily transition from day to night. 
2. An intricate-looking low bun that showcases Annette’s signature loop and pin technique.
3. A Dutch crown braid—one of her most-requested salon looks.

Building the perfect upstyle starts with the perfect base, and Annette loves the new Hot Tools CURLBAR™ for creating textured looks. Using the CURLBAR™, flat-wrap 1-inch sections from the roots to the ends. Then cup the curl in the palm of your hand for a few seconds to set, and voila! Beautiful bounce. 

Elastics can be unsightly in photos, so we prefers securing her accent braids by backcombing them. Make quick strokes from all angles with your comb, then feel the end of the braid to make sure it’s firm. Once firm, you’ll know it’s secure. 

As you braid, move your body in the direction you want the braid to end, which produces a more even, seamless braid.

Want to make your curls really pop? Hold a curl strand with one hand, and with your other hand, use your thumb and pointer finger to pinch and slide up the hair shaft, which expands the curl, for more volume and drama! 

A helpful tip for upstyle beginners? Start your styles in the front, creating a base first. I find it helpful to start in the front because I like to visualize how it’s going to look.

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