Hair, healthy hair! ‘Tis the season for long, full and flowing locks. They are the perfect accessory to any holiday party. Not to mention, a full mane keeps you cozy during these ‘chilly’ fall days. So, embrace the #longhairdontcare mantra and sport a full head of hair this season. But, don’t forget, colder weather and inside heating can mean dryer locks. Here are a few ways to keep your tresses silky smooth.

Not too hot, not too cold…just right.

Instead of scorching your hair and body in the shower, stick to warm (not hot) water. Boiling hot water can strip a lot of the moisture from your hair and skin. Finish off your shower with a cold spritz to seal the cuticle and lock the moisture in!

Drink ‘til you drop!

Water, that is. Fill up on as much H20 as you possibly can. Not only will this hydrate your skin and cleanse your system, it keeps that hair looking moisturized and shiny.

Get Fishy.

Yep, load up on those Omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy monosaturated fats, such as fish, nuts, olive oil, etc are great for keeping hair, skin and nails in top condition.

Keep it dry.

Dry shampoo is a woman’s best friend. Washing your hair everyday strips important oils and can leave hair dry and brittle. Use dry shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh and clean, while also avoiding drying it out.

Let it be.

Put away your hair dryer and let you hair air dry. Using a dryer can really damage your locks. So, instead of giving them a constant beat down, let them be…

Take ‘E’.

Vitamin E oil is amazing in a number of ways. Include a drop in your leave-in conditioner, or take a once daily vitamin E oil capsule to keep your hair shining.

There you have it! These are our top 6 tips for keeping your hair impeccable for the fall and winter seasons.

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Call us for a consultation so we can match your hair!

Now, go on with those long locks and show them off to the world.

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