If you seem like you’re in a constant battle with your blowdryer, perhaps you aren’t using the best technique. While even stylists agree that it’s easier to blow-dry someone else’s hair rather than your own, you can still follow these tips on how to blow dry your own hair like a pro.

By using these tips, you will save time on not only the actual blow dry process, but also your styling following blow drying.

Our first tip for beginning to blow dry like a pro is to ALWAYS section hair! By sectioning hair into six equal parts, you will ensure that hair is dried evenly, and also more importantly, that the heat is evenly distributed.

Our second tip is to start at the nape of the neck. Always blow dry the bottom sections first! Gather the other sections on the top of your head. By doing this, you won’t have wet hair lying on the top of perfectly dry hair, ruining your dry. It also ensures the crown of your head/ front of your hair is finished last, the key layer to polishing off a look.

Our third tip, and possibly most important tip to blow dry like a pro is to point the nozzle in the direction you want the hair to lay. Notice a pattern in all three of our diagrams here?

By Blowing hair downward at ALL TIMES, you are ensuring shorter top hair and frizz lays in-between other strands, rather than being blown upwards, which causes roughening of the cuticle and will also completely ruin the style. Downward nozzle direction is the ultimate key to smoothness. You will absolutely notice the difference if you begin to do this. We guarantee no stylist will argue with that. Just look at these pros below:


Our last tip for learning how to blow dry like a pro is to always use a nozzle attachment! Whether you are trying to diffuse curls or blow dry straight, using a nozzle attachment will help direct airflow in the proper direction.

By following these steps, you will have super shiny, more manageable hair. It will also save you time in the overall process, both in blow-drying and in overall styling.

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