Have you noticed your hair is still dull no matter how many shine sprays, deep conditioners, treatments, or smoothing treatments you do? Perhaps you have noticed your hair is getting oilier than usual, and you are washing your hair more often. Well, let me ask you this- when was the last time you inspected your hairbrush?


Buildup of loose hair in brushes and combs leads to product transfer from your hair to the hair in the brush, meaning your hair gets less of the benefit. In addition, you could be wasting time blow-drying. When your brush is full of excess hair, the heated air does not circulate well and can result in more time to dry and uneven heat distribution. Also, hairbrushes are FULL of bacteria and dust- they need to be cleaned! You don’t want that nasty stuff in your hair, do you?! Even if loose hair is removed from brushes, there are still layers of product that won’t be removed just by picking hair out of the brushes. Washing your hairbrushes is often overlooked, even though most ladies make sure they are keeping their makeup brushes clean- treat your brushes equally! Your hair will thank you. Here’s what you need to do. We recommend you doing this at least once a month. Your new shiny hair will show the benefit!

  1. Clean the hair out of your brushes using scissors and a teasing comb end.
  2. Wipe out and clean the inside of your bathroom sink. We don’t need more bacteria!
  3. Fill the sink up with hot water and two tablespoons of a deep clarifying shampoo. (make sure the water is not boiling, since you don’t want to damage your brushes.)
  4. Drop all those brushes into the sink and let them soak for 15 minutes.
  5. Take a nail brush (like the one shown below) and scrub all brush surfaces, especially between bristles and the edges.
  6. Pull any stubborn “dust rings” around bristles free using a pair of tweezers.
  7. Drain sink and rinse soap suds from each brush individually. Set brushes upright in a jar to dry or lay flat on a dry, clean towel.

Happy, clean brushes means happy, clean hair! Keep this up as part of your monthly routine. Heck, you can even throw a deep conditioner in your hair while you clean your brushes! Nothing wrong with a little multi-tasking.

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