There’s a new trend coming to surface…that would be the trend of reverse ombre.

There’s a new trend coming to surface…that would be the trend of reverse ombre.


While your traditional ombre is dark at the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the end, the reverse ombre is lighter at the roots and gradually gets darker. With both types of ombre, more than one color is used to create a soft, gradient effect.


This reverse ombre trend is excellent for those with more coarse or curly hair, or those ladies with dryer hair- this is because the ends of hair strands are normally the most fragile part of your hair. Keeping the color dark on the most fragile part will prevent further damage or breakage, especially damage often caused by bleach or other chemical lighteners. This reverse ombre trend is also excellent for those who already have light-colored hair, since root touch-ups will be minimal or unnecessary altogether. If you are a blonde and considering diving into this reverse ombre trend, we recommend not going TOO dark on the ends- you don’t want to end up looking like Cruella DeVille!

Here are a few of our favorite blonde reverse ombre looks:


We love the reverse ombre trend because you can literally do it with any hair color, not just existing blondes. Doing a reverse ombre on brunette hair adds instant dimension, depth, and visual appeal.


How gorgeous is this brunette reverse ombre?!

Redheads will also look astounding with a soft, graduating reverse ombre. There is so much flexibility with this trend-we cannot get enough! The reverse ombre is also fantastic using a bright, bold color on the ends. The possibilities are seemingly endless! Here is a perfect example of a gorgeous, well-done red reverse ombre.


There are so many options for reverse ombre color combinations. Which one is your favorite?

We look forward to doing more reverse ombre looks, so call us and make your next appointment today!

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